How to attain Fabric Mastery

    Even from the Zero Level
    Limited Spots Available

    15 th March - 19 th March 2021

    Live Sessions Timing : 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

    Pre -Recorded will also be available for those who can't make to the live session ( for 1st - 4th-day sessions )

    Know Your Program Leader

    What you will learn in this 5 Day Workshop

    Here what you are exactly going to understand in the 5-Day Workshop

    Day1: Unravel the Fabrics: Reverse Engineering to Understand the nitty-gritty of the fabrics
    Day 2: How Experiential Learning in fabrics can be magical and how it helps in Understanding the textile material
    Day3: The key yarn and fabric factors to understand fabrics in a more practical manner
    Day 4: Fabric Material Analysis: The key structures
    Day 5: Commercial Fabrics Identification: How to identify the most widely used fabrics in the best possible way and how to accelerate fabric understanding for growth in business & profession.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Will it be Live or Recorded sessions?
    A: It will be completely Live, You will also have access to pre-recorded sessions for 1st to 4th-day sessions

    Q: Will I get a recording for 5th-day session?
    A: No, the 5th day will be completely Live only.

    Q: For how long these recordings will be available?
    A: These will be available till the 5th day evening, then you will not be able to access them.

    Q: How can one learn about fabrics, without the actual fabrics?
    A: For these workshops, you need to organize the basic materials from home ( no need for purchase ).
    Q: What is the next step, once I register by making payment?
    A: You will receive an automated mail through Instamojo on your registered e-mail id, Please join the WhatsApp group through the link mentioned in the mail ( in the YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED SECTION)
    All the updates as well as Live session link details will be there only (from 8th March onwards).

    What do past participants say about the workshop?

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